Drummer DAVE CULROSS Talks About His Return To SUFFOCATION (Audio)

Drummer Dave Culross, who played on SUFFOCATION‘s 1998 EP, “Despise The Sun” CD, rejoined the band last month as the replacement for longtime skinsman Mike Smith.

SickDrummerMagazine.com has uploaded a brand new audio interview with Culross in which he talks about his return to SUFFOCATION. You can now listen to the chat using the player below.

Interview (audio):


Smith told SickDrummerMagazine.com about his departure from the band, “The decision was pretty much inevitable. When we first reunited, the economy was in a much different place, and I was able to make SUFFOCATION my full-time job. Over the last few years, the ability to tour and support a house, family and all it entails became a strain on myself and my family. Once you reach a certain point financially, decisions have to be made before falling to a point of no return.”

When asked if he was happy with his replacement in SUFFOCATION being Dave Culross, Mike said, “My position in SUFFOCATION isn’t as simple as mounting a drum throne. The position I held within the band as president, founder, manager, songwriter, spokesperson, and all else pertaining to the working business of the band can never be replaced. Anyone drumming for the group now is just enjoying a moment in time, on me.”

In a recent interview with Russia’s HitKiller.com, SUFFOCATION stated about the band’s split with Smith, “Mike and the rest of us had serious differences of opinions. Mike did formally resign from the band, and he has since been replaced with Dave Culross.”

When asked about the band’s future, SUFFOCATION said, “For all the people who think the band is splitting up, it’s NOT, except for the one change we already mentioned above. As far as our next move, the new CD is in the pre-production stage and it kills! We would say some of the best material to date. The band right now as a whole can’t wait to get this out to our fans. It is scheduled to be released on Nuclear Blast in the fall of 2012.”