An Australian radio station recently theorized that SOUNDGARDEN and PEARL JAM could be planning a joint tour together in 2013. Australia’s Radar Music has suggested that with SOUNDGARDEN‘s new album coming out this November, and PEARL JAM expected to deliver its next set in 2013, the only way for both bands — who share drummer Matt Cameron — to promote their new music is to tour together, with Cameron doing double duty every night.

On Thursday, September 27, Cameron was asked about the rumor during an interview with Worcester/Boston, Massachusetts radio station WAAF. “After I play, like, I don’t know, two hours with SOUNDGARDEN, my day is done,” he said. “I think when we did the PJ20 show [with PEARL JAM], Chris [Cornell, SOUNDGARDEN singer] came out to that and we played some TEMPLE OF THE DOG stuff and it was awesome. Maybe there might be a one-off where that could happen, but I’m not 25 anymore.”

Cameron told The Pulse Of Radio that playing for both SOUNDGARDEN and PEARL JAM is not the most demanding thing he’s ever done. “You know what? I’ve actually been a lot busier in my life,” he said. “When I was in my 20s, I used to play in a bunch of different bands at once and it’s just part of the job of being a drummer — sometimes you’ve got to do a little juggling. But I’m certainly happy to do it.”

SOUNDGARDEN‘s first collection of new music in 16 years, “King Animal”, comes out on November 13. A single called “Been Away Too Long” arrived yesterday.

SOUNDGARDEN has yet to announce any tour plans at all behind “King Animal”, so it’s conceivable that the band is waiting to see what Cameron‘s schedule with PEARL JAM will look like.


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