Drummer Reveals That GODSMACK Covered PHIL COLLINS

According to The Pulse Of Radio, GODSMACK drummer Shannon Larkin revealed in a new interview with Noisecreep that while the band’s recent concert album, “Live And Inspired”, included four new cover songs recorded in the studio, the quartet also cut a fifth cover that didn’t make it. Larkin explained, “We did a very cool industrial-sounding version of the PHIL COLLINS song ‘In The Air Tonight’. It just didn’t fit what was happening on the record. But I’m hoping we find a place to release it at some point. I think we will. Trust me, it is very cool.”

The covers that did make the record, which came out in May, were JOE WALSH‘s “Rocky Mountain Way”, METALLICA‘s “Nothing Else Matters”, THE BEATLES“Come Together” (see video below) and PINK FLOYD‘s “Time”.

Larkin recalled that “Rocky Mountain Way” was “the first song I ever played live in my life,” adding, “I was 11. My band was playing a Pagan keg party — a biker kind of thing. And that was the first tune we played, so it’s still near and dear to me. I am so glad we covered that song.”

GODSMACK will appear later this month on the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival tour, alongside SHINEDOWN, STAIND and others, and is also booked to perform at the Rock Vegas festival in late September and on board the ShipRocked 2012 cruise at the end of November.




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