According to The Pulse Of Radio, former GUNS N’ ROSES bassist Duff McKagan interviewed ex-WHITE STRIPES frontman Jack White for McKagan‘s regular column this week in Seattle Weekly. McKagan got White to open up about a number of things during their talk, despite McKagan noting in his introduction that he is not experienced at conducing interviews.

On the subject of writing lyrics, for example, White admitted that most of the songs end up being based on things he is dealing with. He explained, “I always find it kind of boring to write about myself. But whatever happens to you, if you’ve gone through anything — sort of a literal train wreck in your life, for example — you have to have that inside of you in some way; even if you choose not to write about being involved in a train wreck, it would come out of you no matter what choice you have. So whatever characters I was writing about during the record, I’m giving them these problems.”

McKagan also asked White about how he came to produce an album by rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson, and White revealed he had to talk the Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer out of a different project first. He said, “She wanted to do one of those albums that I never can get into, which is those where every song’s a duet with somebody or collaboration. And I said, ‘Well, you know, I don’t even really know who buys those records, Wanda, and maybe it works for SANTANA once, or something, but I just don’t know if it works for anybody.'”

White concluded by telling McKagan he was a fan, saying, “I listened to so much of your music when I was younger, by the way, and [it was] a really big influence on me. Thank you for all of that, I appreciate it.”

Jack White has been touring behind his first solo album, “Blunderbuss”.

In addition to writing his weekly column, McKagan was just inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame himself back in April as a members of GUNS N’ ROSES.


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