DUFF MCKAGAN Joins MOTÖRHEAD On Stage In Germany (Video)

DUFF MCKAGAN’S LOADED — the band led by VELVET REVOLVER/ex-GUNS N’ ROSES bassist Duff McKagan — played seven sold-out shows in Germany at the end of November as the opening act for MOTÖRHEAD.

Video footage of McKagan performing the classic song “Killed By Death” with MOTÖRHEAD during the two bands’ joint run of dates can be seen below.

In the latest installment of his ESPN.com blog, McKagan writes about his touring partners, “MOTÖRHEAD came to be sometime around 1979. With a perfect mix of all the good parts of punk and heavy metal, MOTÖRHEAD forged the way as leaders to all of the rest of us who would shortly form bands.

“From METALLICA to MEGADETH to ALICE IN CHAINS, SOUNDGARDEN, GUNS N’ ROSES, and on and on … they all have noted MOTÖRHEAD as a key influence.

“And it’s not just the music of MOTÖRHEAD that sets them apart from all of the rest of us. Lemmy‘s no-B.S. attitude toward touring and making records, and his relentless touring stamina, make everyone else rather pale and weak in comparison. He is like the Brett Favre of rock ‘n’ roll … well, except Lemmy Kilmister is still playing and doesn’t cry.

“Through all of the fads and assorted ‘press darling’ bands and artists over the past 30 or so years, MOTÖRHEAD just simply pinned their ears back and did what they wanted. They could never be bothered with trying to fit in. And their consistency remains a sort of explosive touchstone for all of us who need to be reminded of what is real and true and honest about rock music.”

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