DUFF MCKAGAN: When Everyone Suddenly Loves You

Duff McKagan (VELVET REVOLVER, DUFF MCKAGAN’S LOADED, GUNS N’ ROSES) has penned the latest installment of his weekly sports column for ESPN.com. An excerpt follows below.

“For about the first six months after [GUNS N’ ROSES‘] first record, ‘Appetite For Destruction’, finally took off, I really thought that I was maybe a little better-looking and funnier than I had previously been given credit for. I mean — heck — people were laughing at all my jokes and telling me how funny I was, and the opposite sex was suddenly all up in my business. I was the ‘it’ guy. People finally understood just how dang cool I was. It was about time, after all!

“I say the first six months because, right about then, one of my older brothers came down to visit me in L.A. After a couple of days of staying with me and witnessing firsthand all of this buffoonery, my brother sat me down and gave me the ‘you-know-these-people-just-want-to-hitch-themselves-to-you-and-your-band-and-could-really-give-a-damn-about-you’ talk. I suddenly woke up. I had been drinking the punch, and he was dead-on right.”

Read the entire column at ESPN.com.