During the July 11 concert by ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA — the national touring project that finds guitar virtuoso Dweezil Zappa recreating the music of his late great father, Frank Zappa — at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh, North Carolina, Dweezil shared one of his favorite childhood-hero memories before tackling the most memorable and incredible guitar solos of all time, Eddie Van Halen‘s “Eruption”. The 11-minute clip, which can be seen below, also includes a follow-up cover of VAN HALEN‘s “Somebody Get Me A Doctor”, complete with a spandex-wearing David Lee “Sloth”parody.

In a recent interview with NWITimes.com, Dweezil stated about ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA, “I’m not sure I went into it with any expectations. My goal musically, was to just let the music speak for itself. To learn it as well as we could and to perform it as well as we could. To play it as Frank wrote it.”

He added, “A lot of people have the idea that Frank‘s music was comedy music or some sort of novelty music, but that is not the case. His music really has a lot of depth and variety in it with all the different things that he did. While there is certainly comedy aspects and elements in the music, the majority of the music he made doesn’t have any of that. A good deal of his music was instrumental.”


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