Early Recordings From KING DIAMOND Drummer MATT THOMPSON Available For Free Download

Auspicious Records has announced the release of multiple recordings from early-’90s progressive power metal band AUTUMN SILENCE, three of which feature KING DIAMOND/SHAOLIN DEATH SQUAD drummer Matt Thompson. You can download them for free at this location.

“In 1995, I did a project with my friend Rich Logan‘s band AUTUMN SILENCE,” explains Thompson. “It was before I went to Texas for college. It was the first thing I did after my shoulder surgery. It seems like 30 years ago!”

In 1991, AUTUMN SILENCE issued the critically acclaimed “Winter’s Calling” EP, utilizing a recording lineup of singer Mike Gorham, previously the frontman for New Jersey thrash metal act WITHOUT WARNING, guitarist Rich Logan, bassist Chris Eike, keyboard player and BANNISTER SLASH frontman Kevin Kerry Boyce, and James Alexander on the drums. In 1994, Thompson replaced Alexander on the drums for the band’s second EP, titled “Echoes In The Garden”. The group disbanded in 1996, with Thompson going on to play drums for Grammy award-nominated heavy metal solo musician and MERCYFUL FATE vocalist King Diamond.

Long sought after by progressive power metal collectors, the “Winter’s Calling” and “Echoes In The Garden” EPs have long been out of print. Now, eight songs from the New Jersey band’s official releases are available as free high-quality MP3 downloads (320kbps).

“It was a blast listening to the tracks,” says Thompson. “Rich eats guitars for breakfast — check it out!”