Hardcore supergroup VEHEMENT SERENADE will release its debut self-titled seven-inch single on September 25 via Fast Break Records. The two tracks featured on the effort, “Refuse The Lie” and “Scratched Off The Map”, “will showcase the band’s dynamic and relentless vision of metal meets post-hardcore,” according to a press release. The B-side, “Scratched Off The Map”, will be limited to this release only.

Featuring hardcore veterans Karl Buechner (EARTH CRISIS, FREYA), Mike Couls (SKARHEAD, CRO-MAGS, AGENTS OF MAN), Jamin Hunt (SWORN ENEMY, HATEWORK), Eddie Ortiez (SUBZERO, CATTLE PRESS, CANDIRIA) and Pauly Antignani (SWORN ENEMY), VEHEMENT SERENADE has cultivated and honed a style that embraces each member’s experience and history. VEHEMENT SERENADE unites their strengths and combines their specialized knowledge into a sound that ignites both passion and fury.

“Refuse The Lie” and “Scratched Off The Map” were recorded and produced by Joey Z of LIFE OF AGONY at Method Of Groove studios in Brooklyn, New York.

VEHEMENT SERENADE plans to spend the rest of the year appearing at limited engagements, including next month’s East Coast Tsunami Fest, where fans can pick up a limited color version of the band’s single. VEHEMENT SERENADE will also be putting the finishing touches on its full-length debut for a spring release.






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