EDEN’S CURSE Announces New Singer

EDEN’S CURSE has announced the addition of Italian vocalist Marco Sandron to the group’s ranks. The band’s new single and promotional video, “Time To Breathe”, has been made available as a free download.

Hailing from Portgruaro, 50 miles from Venice, in the northeast of Italy, Marco previously sang for Italian progressive metal act PATHOSRAY, who released their self-titled debut on Sensory Records in 2007 and their sophomore CD, “Sunless Skies”, on Frontiers Records in 2009. That same year he also contributed lead vocals to French symphonic metal outfit FAIRYLAND‘s “Score To A New Beginning” album, which was released on Napalm Records.

“We had discussions with many amazing vocalists over the last four months, but this was about more than just picking a singer — that was the easy part!” explains bassist Paul Logue. “We had a stringent set of criteria that the successful applicant would need to meet, and they absolutely had to be fully exclusive to the band, in order for us to retain a sound that is instantly recognisable as EDEN’S CURSE. That is why the search took several months to complete, in order to ensure that we made the right choice and I firmly believe we have the right man.”

So how did Marco come to the band’s attention?

Logue: “In true EDEN’S CURSE fashion, we stumbled across him on the Internet. I was browsing through various videos on YouTube, related to some of my favorite singers, and I found a cover version he had recorded of a SYMPHONY X song. I’m of the opinion that Russell Allen is the greatest metal singer around right now, so I was more than curious to hear what Marco could do and simply I was blown away! I just had to find out more about him. I then discovered he sang with PATHOSRAY and managed to track down their albums and I found his vocal performances on those records simply staggering. Surprisingly, Alessandro did not know of Marco, so I managed to track him down on Facebook and made contact. I was delighted to receive an instant reply stating that he was very interested in talking to us and that he loved what he heard of our music. So we began a slow and painful (especially for poor Marco) audition process, which included him going into a studio to record a ‘CURSE classic’ and a brand new song. Eventually I flew out to Italy at the beginning of January to meet and record Marco at Alessandro‘s studio and we concluded the deal.”

As a trained vocal coach, what did Alessandro make of Marco and how did he feel about having another Italian in the band?

“My initial thought was to have another international singer and I really didn’t think about a singer from my homeland,” stated Del Vecchio. “One day Paul sent me a link of a song of Marco‘s and I totally fell in love with his voice. His mix of clean, aggressive and high-pitched tones instantly turned me into a fan of his vocal abilities. Another Italian in the band? Hum … OK, let’s try it! It ended up being a joy to have him on board and he has an outstanding talent in his craft. As a vocal teacher, I’m really picky, so I was thrilled that in the studio we were able to experiment and play around with the songs and have them really turned upside down by the singer. His technique is brilliant and he has the pipes to sing whatever he wants and whatever we ask him. I’m totally satisfied with our choice. Marco really deserves to have his voice heard and I believe EDEN’S CURSE is the band with which to make this happen.”

Written by Paul Logue and Pete Newdeck, “Time To Breathe”‘s lyrics are very topical, as Newdeck explains. “The lyrics stem from the current financial crisis grippling society today and the ignorance people have to what we are doing to ourselves and this awesome world we live in,” he says. “We need to buy ourselves time or it will be too late to put it all right.”

And what does the Englishman think of the new boy Sandron?

“A real air of positivity has come over this band,” Newdeck says. “For me personally, I have a broad vision of how far this band can go. I am sure people will agree with me that having Marc onboard is a major plus and we are all excited to see what the future holds.”

Accompanying the single release is a brand new promotional video, which was filmed at Sky Park in Glasgow, Scotland at the end of January with Simon Jake Gillespie of Music Video Scotland in the director’s chair. “It was imperative to us that not only did the fan base get to hear what Marco sounded like, but also what he looked like fronting EDEN’S CURSE,” explains Logue.

Director Simon Jake Gillespie of Music Video Scotland explains the concept behind the video: “As well as capturing the band performance, we wanted to portray the lyrical concept in a visual manner by showing four different people from four different walks of life uniting together to help each other escape from a situation. This symbolizes what we perceive needs to happen in society today to work our way out of the mess we have found ourselves in globally.”

The band is also thrilled to announce not one, but two festival appearances this year, when they play PPM Fest in Belgium on Saturday, April 7 alongside ACCEPT, SONATA ARTICA and EVERGREY and then Dokk’em Open Air festival in Holland on Saturday, June 30 alongside ARCH ENEMY, JON OLIVA’S PAIN and DOMINICI.

Guitarist Thorsten Koehne spoke of his excitement of being just weeks away from hitting the stage together for the first time with the new-look EDEN’S CURSE lineup. “I can’t wait to play live with Marco!” he says. “He’s such an exceptional singer and performer and the new line up feels very strong!”

The band is also making great progress with the writing process for album number four. “We have several songs in the can already, which is where the single came from,” says Logue. “We are progressing well, and we hope to be in the studio by summer, for a release early 2013.”

The last word, deservedly, goes to the new boy, Marco, who cannot hide his delight at fronting EDEN’S CURSE. “I’m very proud to be the new singer of EDEN’S CURSE!” he says. “This band is great. The guys are simply awesome and very talented musicians, there are no egos, just respect and true collaboration and we are working together simply to reach our one true aim — creating great music! I simply cannot wait to rock some stages and meet the wonderful CURSE fan base that the guys tell me so much about, as well as completing songs for our new album. Yes, I’m very excited because the new songs we are producing are so powerful, melodic as hell and typically EDEN’S CURSE.”





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