EDEN’S CURSE: Making Of ‘Time To Breathe’

The second and final clip featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the making of “Time To Breathe”, the new single and promotional video from EDEN’S CURSE, can be seen below. Part two features the band shooting the video for “Time To Breathe” on location at Sky Park in Glasgow with director Simon J. Gillespie of Music Video Scotland.

Hailing from Portgruaro, 50 miles from Venice, in the northeast of Italy, Marco previously sang for Italian progressive metal act PATHOSRAY, who released their self-titled debut on Sensory Records in 2007 and their sophomore CD, “Sunless Skies”, on Frontiers Records in 2009. That same year he also contributed lead vocals to French symphonic metal outfit FAIRYLAND‘s “Score To A New Beginning” album, which was released on Napalm Records.

Written by Paul Logue and Pete Newdeck, “Time To Breathe”‘s lyrics are very topical, as Newdeck explains. “The lyrics stem from the current financial crisis grippling society today and the ignorance people have to what we are doing to ourselves and this awesome world we live in,” he says. “We need to buy ourselves time or it will be too late to put it all right.”

Accompanying the single release is a brand new promotional video, which was filmed at Sky Park in Glasgow, Scotland at the end of January with Simon Jake Gillespie of Music Video Scotland in the director’s chair. “It was imperative to us that not only did the fan base get to hear what Marco sounded like, but also what he looked like fronting EDEN’S CURSE,” explains Logue.

Director Simon Jake Gillespie of Music Video Scotland explains the concept behind the video: “As well as capturing the band performance, we wanted to portray the lyrical concept in a visual manner by showing four different people from four different walks of life uniting together to help each other escape from a situation. This symbolizes what we perceive needs to happen in society today to work our way out of the mess we have found ourselves in globally.”

Making of “Time To Breathe” part 2:

Making of “Time To Breathe” part 1:


“Time To Breathe” video:




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