Edge Of Paradise releases debut album, Exclusive interview

Guitarist Dave Bates and vocalist Margarita Monet formed Edge Of Paradise in 2011, while working on another musical collaboration “for hire” with a producer in Los Angeles.  Dave has been writing music for some time, collaborating with talented songwriters, Robin Mcauley (MSG, Survivor) and Ryan Jones, which left the two with a vast library of music to pull from. With a little creative magic between Dave and Margarita, the sound of Edge Of Paradise was born.

We have the pleasure of being the only place online where Edge Of Paradise will be releasing their debut album entitled “Mask”.  Below is an interview with Monet and introduction to the band. 


Tell us about the band.

We are metal. The music is aggressive, guitar driven, with powerful, melodic vocals. We like odd time signatures, but don’t make it too obvious because we focus on the groove and catchy hooks. We call our sound, “industrial melodic chaos”. The first CD “Mask”, sets our soundscape. 

You guys formed in 2011, not very long ago.  How did you manage to get the album ready in such a short time?  Were the songs already written before the band formed?


Yes, we jumped right into writing and recording “Mask” after we played a couple of shows together, and decided that we want to take this band as far as it can go. “Mask” came together so fast because Dave has a huge collection of musical choices. He was writing material for a while, with Robin Mcauley and cutting edge songwriter, Ryan Jones. We  picked a bunch of songs that we liked and rewrote most of them to give them our feel. Then I had a lot of ideas that I wanted to contribute, and the process moved along very smoothly once the sound was established. 


You mentioned the magic between you and guitarist Dave Bates.  What was it about it that made it work, and more importantly, that you believe will make it work for the long term?


It was interesting, because we met, working with a producer on a song for hire, and he was trying to turn me into a pop artist, so it was a difficult experience, I think if we could make it through that, we can make it through anything. 

And Dave is a music making machine, he comes up with really cool riffs, can get any sound out of his guitar, throw in a virtuoso solo and put everything together with taste and style. It’s really inspiring to work together, we feed each other ideas and build upon them together. We already have some really cool stuff in the works, so I’m really excited for the future. 


Any tour plans?  


Yes, performing the music live is what we love to do! Right now we’re playing shows locally till the end of the year and promoting the album. We’re planning a US tour for the beginning of 2012,  and look to expand to Europe and other parts of the globe from there, we want to play as much as physically possible. 


Will you be playing keys live or just lead vocals?


Mostly lead vocals. The only song I will be fully playing keys on is “Shredenstein”, the others, not so much. I originally wanted to do it, but it would be physically impossible to play the keyboard and do everything I want to do while singing the songs. We might feature the keyboard more in the future, but for now, it was primarily used to give us the industrial edge. 


The song “Thrown It All Away” has a very sing along catchy chorus to it.  Tell us about that song, how it came about, etc…



Thank you! Dave had a riff to the song for a while,  him and Robin wrote the song together, tweaked it a lot and eventually came up with the right melodies. There was a lot of work and time put into this song, so when i came along, it was already complete.  It was actually the first song we recorded, and was the easiest to finish,  all we had to do was record the vocals, and just really polish the mix to get the sound that we wanted out of the song.

The album, in my opinion, is well produced and contains some solid tracks.  It has potential to make some noise.  What are your expectations for the band in the next 6-12 months?  And in the next 2-3 years?


Thank you! We worked hard on the CD. We spent a lot of time producing the tracks and making sure they are represented in the best possible light. We wanted this album to introduce the band and establish the sound. So in the next 6-12 months, we expect to play a lot, promoting the CD, and to release more material that we are already writing. In the next 2-3 years, we look to play and spread our sound globally, we hope to be an established band, like the big bands we grew up listening to, and continue to release more music! 


We really like Loudtrax, it’s really cool that it specializes in our type of music! We look forward to releasing the music video for Mask in the next couple of weeks and are excited to see where this album takes us!


Download the debut album “MASK” exclusively on LoudTrax.com at this location