EDGUY Report On ‘Robin Hood’ Video Shoot; Single Artwork Revealed

EDGUY have just returned from the video shoot for ‘Robin Hood’, the opening track from the band’s forthcoming new album, Age Of The Joker.

Video director Oliver Sommer (AVANTASIA, NENA, HELLOWEEN) and the band decided to satirize the Errol Flynn version, The Adventures Of Robin Hood. The miniature epic was shot in the forest with a large number of additional actors, starring German TV-comedian Bernhard Hoecker in two different leading roles.

Tobias Sammet says: “When you decide to do things like that of course you have to be aware that you will most likely make a fool out of yourself. We had to wear tights and looked a bit like four idiots and one transvestite. But we have come to a point we don’t care so much anymore. We feel like being in a luxury position where the record label gives us a lot of money to waste for really silly things like sneaking through the forest and looking like idiots. The shooting was one of the funniest days in our career, and that means something. Although It was hard work – the rain, the mud, soaking wet tights, angry horses, carriage, a lot of travesty, sword fighting and hurting smile muscles. You gotta check it out!”

The single, ‘Robin Hood’ will be out on August 5th and will be available as download and on green vinyl. The video version of the song was cut down to 5 minutes, but the album version has a running time of more than 8 minutes.

Check out the single artwork below:

On August 26th, Edguy will release their brand new studio effort, Age Of The Joker. The album will be released as a normal CD and as a limited edition double album featuring six additional songs. In addition, it will also be available as a double LP. Various journalists already consider the album the heavy metal highlight of the year and one of the strongest Edguy albums of all time.

In the Hellfire Club section at edguy.net fans can listen to the worldwide exclusive release of excerpts from seven new songs in total. Three songs have been added to the playlist since the stream became active on July 4th. All you have to do is register with a valid email address or simply login if you’re already a member.

The album will feature 11 songs with a total running time of over one hour. The limited edition digipack will contain a bonus disc with six additional songs.

The album tracklist reads as follows:

‘Robin Hood’

‘Nobody’s Hero’

‘Rock Of Cashel’

‘Pandora’s Box’


‘Two Out Of Seven’

‘Faces In The Darkness’

‘The Arcane Guild’

‘Fire On The Downline’

‘Behind The Gates To Midnight World’

‘Every Night Without You’

Tracklist for the limited edition bonus disc:

‘God Fallen Silent’

‘Aleister Crowley Memorial Boogie’

‘Cum On Feel The Noize’ (SLADE cover…or to many of us Quiet Riot who covered Slade!)

‘Standing In The Rain’

‘Robin Hood’ (single version)

‘Two Out Of Seven’ (single version)

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