EINHERJER: New Album Release Date Announced

Eight years after the release of “Blot”, legendary Viking metal act EINHERJER will issue its comeback album on September 2 via Indie Recordings. The CD was recorded at Studio Borealis and was produced by EINHERJER‘s Frode Glesnes. Matt Hyde (SLAYER, MONSTER MAGNET) has mixed the effort.

EINHERJER will play live at the Indie Recordings label night at John Dee in Oslo on Wednesday, April 20 during the Inferno Festival.

EINHERJER was one of the very first bands to use the Viking thematic and the Norse mythology in metal, and are one of the founders of this now widely acclaimed metal sub-genre. Their name also has its roots in the Norse mythology as EINHERJER is a Viking’s life after death. When a Viking was slain in battle, he was brought up to Valhalla by the Valkyries to join the army of Einherjers and help the Gods in their clash against the Giants in the age of Ragnarok.

EINHERJER disbanded in 2004 after the release of its album “Blot” through Tabu Recordings. EINHERJER reformed in 2008 and a year later played the Wacken Open Air, Ragnarock and Kaltenbach festivals, along with other select dates on the Paganfest 2009 tour. EINHERJER is currently putting the finishing touches on its fifth studio album, which will be still in the spirit of the band’s previous releases.