ELECTRIC BOYS: New Album In The Works

The reunited original lineup of Swedish rockers ELECTRIC BOYSFranco Santunione (guitar), Andy Christell (bass), Niklas Sigevall (drums) and Conny Bloom (guitar, vocals) — is working on a new album for a 2013 release. The band states: “[We’ve] been writing a lot of songs lately, so there’s plenty to choose from, to make it the best possible record. [We] already have a bunch of songs since last studio session, so more to be added, then choose the best ones, then get it out.”

The original ELECTRIC BOYS lineup released its first album since 1992, “And Them Boys Done Swang”, in April 2011 via Supernova Records, a division of the Cosmos Music Group.

ELECTRIC BOYS in 2009 released a 20-track “best-of” collection, titled “Now Dig This!”, via Spinefarm Records. It features songs from the band’s three studio albums, including “Psychedelic Eyes”, “Mary In The Mystery World”, “Groovus Maximus”, “The Groover”, “Rags To Riches”, “Captain Of My Soul” plus a 2009 remix of “All Lips N’ Hips”, along, of course, with the original version, a longstanding staple of rock clubs around the world.

Formed in 1988, ELECTRIC BOYS achieved recognition around the known rock’n’roll world with signature hit single “All Lips N’ Hips” plus a series of albums that tapped into the very essence of long-haired, leather-trousered, late-night cool.

Touring alongside bands such as THUNDER and MR. BIG, and drinking from the same well as rock legends like AEROSMITH, the band offered an alternative to the late ’80s hair-metal scene, fusing hard rock and heavy funk to create an instantly recognizable style (“Groovus Maximus”) built riff by riff on the sturdiest possible foundations, unswervingly provided by drummer Niklas Sigevall.

Lauded by the media, feted by the industry, respected by the top producers of the day (including Bob Rock) and supported by a genuinely international fanbase, the ELECTRIC BOYS — led into action by flamboyant frontman Conny Bloom, who has continued to play and record both under his own name and with SILVER GINGER 5 and HANOI ROCKS, as well as appearing in TV ads for Jameson Whiskey — consistently showed that the great rock’n’roll dream was available in many colors, and that the sitar did indeed have a serious part to play.


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