ELIXIR To Play ‘Final’ Farewell Shows In October

British heavy metal band ELIXIR will play its final farewell shows on Saturday, October 13 at The Bridge House, East London and on Saturday, October 20 at De Verlichte Geest in Roselare, Belgium.

Commented ELIXIR guitarist Phil Denton: “Since we reformed in 2002, we have had a fantastic 10 years playing live in Greece, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Italy, Bulgaria, Norway, Spain and the USA and have received warm and enthusiastic welcomes from fans in those countries. We will miss you as much as we will miss playing together on stage. We also had the opportunity to record three more studio albums since our reformation, and feel that our most recent, 2010’s ‘All Hallows Eve’, is not a bad way to finish our recording career. I love Paul, Norman, Kevin and Nigel like brothers and will miss their talent, friendship and above all, their humor and wish them well for the future. We plan to have a good drink together and enjoy each other’s company one last time when we are together for the final shows, and then plan to finish off in style by rocking hard on stage! We hope to see you there!”

Following the decision to play their final shows with ELIXIR in October, vocalist Paul Taylor and Denton have agreed to continue working together on a new project. The pair had been writing new material together for what was intended to be a new ELIXIR album and felt that the new material was worth continuing with and hoped to bring the songs to life with a new band. “As it will not be the original five members, we didn’t wish to continue as ELIXIR. However, our new band will be in much the same vein, and we may well include a few ELIXIR favorites in our live set,” said Phil. “We are currently looking for an awesome drummer and bass player to work with. A good personality and sense of humour, along with a professional attitude is what we are looking for most.”