ENABLER To Release ‘All Hail The Void’ Via SOUTHERN LORD

ENABLER, the brain-melting hardcore punk/metal crossover band from Milwaukee, will release its brand new album via Southern Lord. Entitled “All Hail The Void”, the CD will be produced with guitarist Greg Thomas (MISERY SIGNALS, SHAI HULUD, THE RISK TAKEN). Drums have already been tracked at Howl Street Recordings by Shane Hotchstetler (who has recorded a majority of the ENABLER discography). Guitar, bass, vocal tracking, and mixing will commence at Fuck City and Silver Bullet Studios, with Greg Thomas handling engineering and mixing duties. Original artwork and layout will be handled by Jimpaler (who has done art for their previous albums “Year One” and “War Begins With You”).

ENABLER was formed by guitarist/vocalist and songwriter Jeff Lohrber and is said to be “cut from the same cloth as the likes of INTEGRITY, EARTH CRISIS, FROM ASHES RISE, NASUM and MASAKARI,” according to a press release.

“All Hail The Void” track listing:

01. F.A.T.H.
02. The Heathens
03. Speechless
04. Fuck Today
05. False Profit
06. All Hail the Void
07. True Love
08. They Live, We Sleep
09. No Deliverance
10. Save Yourself
11. Trust
12. Funeral Dirge

Photo by Adam DeGross