E’nemia Announces Replaces Drummer And Vocalist

Denmark’s E’nemia has checked in with the following announcement about replacing the band’s drummer and vocalist:

“In a resounding strike of misfortune, E’nemia, with heavy hearts, said goodbye to both drummer Jonas and vocalist Nichlas after more than 2 years of good times We wish them all the best and hope their paths in life will lead them to their dreams

“But even on the ropes did the remaining three members even think of quitting the fight for one second and so, we – Casper, Tommy and Rune – started searching for replacements

“Not only do we now have the pleasure of presenting two new members We have the pleasure of presenting two new friends who have allowed E’nemia to not only recover but to stand stronger than ever.

“With a proud heart, E’nemia, welcomes vocalist Carsten Albrektsen and drummer Christoffer Andersen into the family and are now back in the fight.”

You can also check out E’nemia’s music and find more info on the outfit by heading over to the band’s Facebook page.