ENSIFERUM, TÝR, HEIDEVOLK, TROLLFEST Confirmed For ‘Paganfest America Part IV’

Rock the Nation America has announced the fourth edition of Paganfest America. It is described in a press release as “one of the strongest lineups assembled so far, with none other than Finland’s melodic folk masters ENSIFERUM! Our fellow vikings will assure a strong support with the return of TÝR (Faroe Islands), and introducing HEIDEVOLK (The Netherlands) for the first time in North America. Also for the first time on our lands, a warm welcome to Norway’s TROLLFEST! Opening the festival will be Los Angeles’ own pagan lords HELSÓTT.”

The tour is scheduled to kick off late March 2013 and will cover both the United States and Canada.

Comments ENSIFERUM: “So finally, ENSIFERUM will to return to North America. It’s been way too long since we shared wild Paganfest nights with our brothers and sisters across the ocean. We will not come to pillage your cities alone; it’s a great honor to join forces with TÝR, HEIDEVOLK and TROLLFEST for this once-in-a-lifetime tour.”


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