EVANESCENCE Singer ‘Definitely’ Wants To Start A Family

EVANESCENCE singer Amy Lee is enjoying her band’s current stint on the “Carnival Of Madness” tour, alongside HALESTORM, CHEVELLE and others, but the 30-year-old vocalist told The Pulse Of Radio that she misses her family more and more when she’s on the road and is starting to think about starting one of her own. “Definitely,” she said. “That’s something I long for more and more the older I get, for sure. Not just about kids of my own, but just spending time with my living family. [laughs] Something I really end up missing a lot on the road is that, you know, just down home family time. You miss a lot of that stuff when you’re on the road and it’s starting to hit me, like, ‘Ooh, I can’t get that back.'”

Lee has been married to therapist Josh Hartzler since May 2007.

The singer told Michigan Live that EVANESCENCE‘s fans keep her going when life on the road gets too lonely, explaining, “When I think I’ve had enough, and want to have a normal life and go home, I end up at a meet-and-greet, and meet a fan who tells me their life has changed because a song touched them. And then it’s like, ‘This show is for you!'”

She added, “We take a lot of inspiration from our fans. But it did take some time to process the fame. I never wanted to be a rock star or any of that. I just wanted to make my music.”

EVANESCENCE is touring behind its self-titled third major label album, which came out last October — five years after 2006 sophomore effort “The Open Door”.

Lee said about taking long amounts of time between records, “Great things take time. You can’t force inspiration. There’s a lot of pressure to strike when the iron’s hot, but I think that’s watering down the industry. I just wanted to live life a little bit, so I’d have something to write about.”

The “Carnival Of Madness” tour next stops in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday (August 23).


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