EVANESCENCE’s AMY LEE Says Her Dad Made Santa Seem Real

Although it’s been a long time since EVANESCENCE lead singer Amy Lee believed in Santa Claus, the former resident of Little Rock, Arkansas told The Pulse Of Radio that when she was a little girl, her father did his very best to make St. Nick seem real. “My dad was the coolest dad around Christmas time,” she said. “He’d go out on the lawn — like, put everybody to bed, ‘Okay, Santa’s gonna come, you’ve got to go to bed’ — he’d go outside and jingle these jingle bells like off in the distance in the yard and go, ‘Ho, ho, ho,’ and then he’d take a football and throw it up on the roof, so they would like tumble down and sound like somebody was landing on the roof. And I remember as a kid, always thinking, ‘I really heard Santa Claus this year. It’s really real, he’s here, he’s in there!'”
Lee was born in 1981 in Riverside, California, but her family eventually settled in Little Rock, Arkansas, where her father was a successful radio personality.

EVANESCENCE‘s latest album, its first in five years, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart.

The band will play a short run of seven North American tour dates early in the New Year, beginning on January 13 in Clemson, South Carolina.