EVILDEAD Calls It Quits; New Band FAEOST Is Launched

Veteran Los Angeles thrashers EVILDEAD have decided to disband due to “personal differences.” The group states, “We thank all the fans, journalist, promoters, and supporters worldwide, this has not been an easy decision to make for us who worked hard to rebuild and regain our loyal fan base.”

Former EVILDEAD members Albert Gonzales, Rob Alaniz, Steve Nelson and Joseph D’Anda have launched a new band called FAEOST. According to a press release, the new group “blends the guitar pyrotechnics and brutally catchy riffs of Albert Gonzales and Joseph D’Anda. Joseph was in fact the original second guitarist in EVILDEAD in the pre-demo days of 1987, and was the obvious choice for this new project. He makes his return to the fold with what can only be described as a darker, EVILer Dead. The band is completed by Rob Alaniz and Steve Nelson, drums and bass/lead vocals, respectively, and intend to carry the EVILDEAD torch by performing classic tunes from the 1989 ‘Annihilation Of Civilization’ album, meanwhile honoring Rob and Albert‘s days in their former 1990s cult death metal band RISE. Expect No limits, or compromise. Pure, honest, brutal death thrash will be in store for the masses.”

FAEOST is currently working on 10 new songs that would have seen the light of day under the former EVILDEAD moniker, were it not for the sudden, lapse of communication and overall personal differences within the band.

For booking information, please refer to the EVILDEAD Facebook page as it shall be used not only to honor the fans new and old who have stuck with the band, but also to remind that despite all, FAEOST plans on carrying on in the spirit of EVILDEAD, but with a much heavier and focused attack.

Pictured below: EVILDEAD in 2011