Ex-AC/DC Drummer Performs With AC/DC Tribute Band RIFF RAFF

Simon Wright, former drummer of AC/DC, DIO, RHINO BUCKET and UFO, took part in a four-date mini-tour of Italy in late December with the AC/DC tribute band RIFF RAFF.

Video footage of Wright‘s December 29, 2011 performance with RIFF RAFF at Black Horse in Cermenate, Italy can be seen below.

When asked by BlastzoneOnline.tk in an August 2011 interview why he left AC/DC, Wright said, “Well, I had been in the band for about eight years and I began to get complacent about things. Don’t get me wrong — they are an incredible band, as we know, but I needed to expand on my drumming more. Branch out a bit. I think they noticed this in me — I guess it happens — so it was time to move on. I will never have enough thanks for the amazing journey they took me on. They are great people and a killer band.”