Ex-DEATH Vocalist KAM LEE Joins Forces With Former OBITUARY Guitarist ALLEN WEST

Former MANTAS, DEATH and MASSACRE vocalist Kam Lee has joined forces with ex-OBITUARY/SIX FEET UNDER guitarist Allen West in a brand new death metal band called CORPSE ROT.

Regarding how the name of the group was chosen, Kam said, “Believe it or not, this name has not been used [by any other band before]. (Note: This statement appears to be inaccurate. — Ed.) How is that even possible? And how I came up with the name… I was joking with Allen. I’m like, ‘Allen, I’m kind of known for the song ‘Corpse Grinder’. You’re kind of famously known for ‘Slowly We Rot’. Let’s just put the two together and see if there’s a fucking band with that name. Nah, there’s no band with that name.”

More information on CORPSE ROT will be made available soon.

Kam Lee performed MASSACRE‘s “legendary” 1991 debut album, “From Beyond”, in its entirety for one night only on Saturday, July 16 at the “A Day Of Death” festival at Club Infinity in Williamsville, New York. Fan-filmed video footage of the concert can be seen below.

As previously reported, Lee‘s former MASSACRE bandmates — Terry Butler (DEATH, MASSACRE, SIX FEET UNDER, DENIAL FIEND, OBITUARY) and Rick Rozz (MANTAS, DEATH, MASSACRE, M INC.) — will also celebrate the 20th anniversary of MASSACRE‘s classic “From Beyond” album by embarking on a European tour later this year.

Lee last month issued the following statement regarding his appearance at “A Day Of Death”:

“The editors of Glorious Times approached me in February about a special event they wanted to do in July. They knew, of course, that MASSACRE would never reform, but they asked me if I would give in this one time and perform the entire ‘From Beyond’ album, not for money, but as a special gift to the fans.

“Although it would have been great for the fans to see a full-fledged MASSACRE reunion, my former bandmates opted to just defame and slander me for agreeing to do something for the fans.

“My performance is to be the finale at ‘A Day of Death’, a one-day festival put on solely as a gift to fans of true death metal. This has always been planned as the last time I will ever perform ‘From Beyond’ and I fully intend to remain true to that commitment.

“I wish to thank the editors of Glorious Times for giving me the opportunity to do this. However, now those same former bandmates (who had nothing but negative things to say about me for doing this special event for the fans) have decided to do their own MASSACRE tribute in Europe.

“After my special performance and their ‘tribute’ tour, perhaps we can finally put MASSACRE behind us and let the fans remember the once-great band as it should be remembered… as one of the top bands of its genre.

Billy Andrews, Allen West and Mike Borders started MASSACRE all those years ago and have watched as time and time again it has risen from the grave only to die a quick death. With these special performances let’s hope that MASSACRE can finally die an honorable death.”

A revamped version of MASSACRE — consisting of DENIAL FIEND members Sam Williams (guitar), Curt Beeson (drums; NASTY SAVAGE), along with ex-MASSACRE/DENIAL FIEND members Terry Butler (bass), Steve Swanson (guitar) and Kam Lee (vocals) — completed a European tour in late 2007.