Ex-DEEP PURPLE Keyboardist JON LORD Schedules First Appearance Of The Year

According to JonLord.org, former DEEP PURPLE keyboardist Jon Lord will make his first live appearance this year on July 6 during a special performance of the Durham Concerto in Hagen, Germany.

The concert is rounding off Jon‘s stretch as this year’s “composer in residence” with the Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra near Dortmund. To this end, the orchestra has been performing several of his pieces over the past few months, most recently a breathtaking performance of “From Darkness To Light”, which was broadcast by German radio WDR3 on May 15.

About that performance, Jon later wrote to Hagen‘s conductor Florian Ludwig: “It was a truly wonderful and emotional experience sitting in my house in England and listening to the glorious sounds you were making in Hagen — wanting to be there and yet in a way happy that you could not see me with the tears in my eyes. The piece means a very great deal to me, and you played it as if you had looked into my heart and soul and found what I was thinking and feeling as I wrote it.”

For the concert on July 6, and subject to the continued progress of his recovery from cancer, Jon will play Hammond organ on his Durham Concerto and piano on a further selection of his solo pieces mixed with works by other composers connected to Jon and his music.


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