Ex-GUNS N’ ROSES, DEF LEPPARD, JANE’S ADDICTION Drummers Featured In ‘The Art Of Drums’

What would a picture of your favorite song look like? The Art Of Drums, a historic collection of fine art spearheaded by Los Angeles creativity house SceneFour in collaboration with ten of the world’s greatest drummers, can finally answer that question. On July 22, the flagship “The Art Of Drums” collection featuring former GUNS N’ ROSES and current VELVET REVOLVER drummer Matt Sorum (to be revealed exclusively at MattSorumart.com) will premiere a groundbreaking method of capturing music on canvas. Hundreds of drum bursts are recorded, reduced to light impulses, digitized, evaluated by several photographers, graphic artists and all under the direction of the music artist. This experienced team of creative professionals spends over 100 hours creating a unique product mammoth in size, stunning in composition.

“This is something different than what people are used to seeing,” SceneFour Creative Director Cory Danziger states. “It’s a new medium. It’s not acrylic or oil, it’s light and color and sound captured. The rhythm is on display for you to see.”

Following Sorum‘s release will be drum art collections releases by a who’s-who of the world’s ten best drummers, whittled down from a dream list put together by SceneFour specially for this project. Rick Allen of DEF LEPPARD, Stephen Perkins of JANE’S ADDICTION, Frankie “Kash” Waddy of PARLIAMENT/FUNKADELIC and six other mystery drummers are each creating individual collections of 100 epic-sized canvases to be released every other month for 20 months. Each drummer will release ten different pieces, each of which will be presented in ten one-of-a-kind drafts, all numbered and signed.

The Art Of Drums is the brainchild of famed art house SceneFour, the team behind collaborative artwork with The RZA of WU-TANG CLAN, Chuck D of PUBLIC ENEMY, Bootsy Collins, TLC, Hieroglyphics, FISHBONE, HELMET and George Lynch. With the sole focus of pushing what it calls “extractionist” artwork, SceneFour works in collaboration with non-visual art visionaries to create collaborative fine art collections. The Art Of Drums is the company’s most extensive release to date, taking more than a year in development. The collection will debut in Beverly Hills before going to galleries worldwide.

For more information, visit www.theartofdrumsproject.com.