Ex-HANOI ROCKS Guitarist ANDY MCCOY Completes GREASE HELMET Album, Begins Work On Solo CD

A new video update from former HANOI ROCKS guitarist Andy McCoy can be seen below.

McCoy recently completed work on the debut album from his side project GREASE HELMET (which features members of AMORPHIS) and has begun recording a new solo album for a 2012 release.

McCoy previously stated about his upcoming solo CD, “It will be released under the name Andy McCoy.” He added, “There’s already heavy interest from the labels. We are looking at the way to release it simultaneously worldwide.”

Regarding the musical direction of the album, Andy stated, “I am really trying to get back to my roots with the new material.”

McCoy‘s decadent autobiography, “Sheriff McCoy: Legend of Hanoi Rocks”, is available in English in a deluxe hardcover edition through North American publisher Bazillion Points.

A national icon in his native Finland, McCoy has been called the Finnish Keith Richards — except Richards only fell out of a coconut tree; Andy McCoy fell from a fourth-story balcony and lived to tell the tale. His over-the-top image and streetwise bending of punk, glam, and old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll inspired a generation of platinum-selling bands — rock authors Slash of GUNS N’ ROSES and Nikki Sixx of MÖTLEY CRÜE have already admitted their musical and stylistic debts. Now the real McCoy speaks from the heart on subjects including rock stardom, true love, his arsenal of vintage guitars, and surviving every imaginable variety of intoxication.