Ex-MEGADETH Guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN Joins ANDREW W.K. On Stage In Japan (Video)

Former MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman joined Andrew W.K. on stage on May 26 at Yokohama Bay Hall in Yokohama, Japan to perform the song “We Want Fun” during Andrew‘s “I Get Wet” 10-year anniversary tour. Fan-filmed video footage of Marty‘s appearance can be seen below.

In January 2010, Friedman released a single, “Kiba”, which was a collaboration with Andrew W.K. Marty stated at the time about the track, “[Andrew] is by far my favorite USA rock artist and I think we have made the ultimate mixture of our styles. The day I heard his first album, I said, ‘Some day I’m definitely gonna work with that dude.’ Since then he guested on two of my TV shows over here, and I joined him on stage at his Tokyo concert a couple years back. We got along instantly. But who wouldn’t like the guy? He is about the friendliest, most positive and cooperative musician out there.”

He added, “No one wanted to do anything experimental. Actually, both of us do tons of different and sometimes surprising things. As you know, I’m way into ballads and straight-up pure pop, but musically I’m most known for intense guitar playing, like on ‘Loudspeaker’. That’s cool, too. Andrew’s latest album has lots of unique styles and dark, modern arrangements but he is most known for powerful, uplifting, party anthems. These are just facts. So even though both of us like to disregard any boundaries and go over the top into new territory, for better or worse, this time we made a real effort to do what we are most known for. I mean, it’s a Andrew W.K. and Marty Friedman record — you shouldn’t have to worry that it is a collection of gorilla mating calls.”


(Thanks: Carl Alvarez)