Ex-Slipknot Vocalist Anders Colsefni Discusses Painface Reunion

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Painface disbanded shortly after releasing their debut album, “Fleshcraft.” Despite having a ton of buzz for being led by the former frontman of Slipknot, Painface left the scene almost as soon as they joined it. After a decade of inactivity, the band is currently in the studio recording their long awaited follow up album.

Metalunderground.com recently had the opportunity to interview singer Anders Colsefni about the new album’s progress and the band’s future plans.

Matt Dasher: What was the catalyst to reform Painface?

Anders Colsefni: Well, I re-established a working relationship with some musician-friends of mine for the fun of it and a big black light just appeared over my head. These guys can write some amazing music so all I would really have to focus on is my vocals. It is extremely liberating to have music written that really needs very little in the way of arrangement or other assistance, not to mention being as good as I feel this music is. Also, I had taken a sizable hiatus from this style of music to work on my clean singing and was ready to get back to my roots. I’ve been looking forward to writing new Painface music with vocals that reflect how I would have recorded them “back in the day.”

Matt: How’s the new album coming along?

Anders: Fantastic! Songs are pouring out like crazy. I’m actually starting another song when I’m done with this interview, as a matter-of-fact. I don’t have an actual release date figured yet but we will definitely have a good, heavy album’s-worth of songs soon.

Matt: How do you feel about Donnie Steele rejoining Slipknot after the death of Paul Grey?

Anders: I had lunch with Don about a week before they went on tour and gave him “my blessing” so-to-speak. I’m extremely happy that he got a second chance on a large-scale, even if it is under these awful circumstances. He’s a great guy, an incredible musician and keeps everything in perspective. The man lives a clean life and will not bow to peer-pressure. To me, he honors the considerable weight that Paul’s aura held in this “when” he’ll be performing Paul’s bass parts live. Absolutely. Don is where he should be since Paul can’t be.

Matt: It’s been 11 years since “Fleshcraft” Do you worry that your fans have moved on?

Anders: I worry about everything. However, Painface was only just beginning to break into the regional scene back when “Fleshcraft” came out. Painface turned into On A Pale Horse before it could really realize it’s full potential. Its legend has grown over time and I’m getting great feedback about the new clips we’ve added to AndersColsefni.com. Many of the Painface fans I was able to connect with back in “my” early days of the internet experience are still contacting me today. I have no worries about fans that have moved on, as there are always new ones poking around into Slipknot’s past. They always find me, one way or another. Also, “Fleshcraft” needed a follow-up CD and never got one. Now it will have one, and hopefully many more.

Matt: Are you planning to tour the Midwest after the new album gets released?

Anders: We certainly would like to tour everywhere we possibly could. Putting out what I feel is a great album is something everyone should experience, but performing that album live is an other-worldly experience.

Matt: Does the new album have a title yet and what label is it going to be put out on?

Anders: Currently, we have not titled this album. We will wait until the final tracks are chosen for it, then mix our heads in a blender and see what that “yuck malt” tastes like. As for labels-it will be released ourselves. Probably under All That Crawls productions but we will certainly entertain options!

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