Ex-STAIND Drummer On Possible Reunion With Former Bandmates: ‘I Will Never Say Never’

Gary Carra of ValleyAdvocate.com recently conducted an interview with former STAIND and current SOIL drummer Jon Wysocki. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

ValleyAdvocate.com: Jon, thanks for taking the time to talk. And I know you are legally bound not to speak about a lot of things with regard to your split from STAIND. But I’m wondering — can you talk about the recently released documentary that illustrates some of the turmoil?

Jon Wysocki: I guess I can, because it’s out there. And I would simply say it would not have been my choice to do a video of that nature. I just don’t understand why they wanted to put out a documentary that would show the band in that kind of light.

ValleyAdvocate.com: Did you have anything to do with the editing process on the doc? Because it does show you, shall we say, not in the best light sometimes. I was also wondering about times when band members would talk about others who were not in the room, which also happened to you in the documentary. Was this is shocking and unsettling to see?

Jon Wysocki: No, I had nothing to do with the doc whatsoever, and I didn’t even see it all. But I did see some parts and heard about others, and some of it was a little shocking — both in content and the fact that scenes like that were chosen out of all the footage for the final video in the first place. So maybe some of it was said in the heat of the moment, or maybe that’s the way some people in the band feel about me. They are entitled to their opinion, but I did put 17 years of blood, sweat and tears into the band, so I would say anything about my work ethic or not getting paid the same would not be a fair comment.

ValleyAdvocate.com: I don’t know if you saw my recent interview with [STAIND singer] Aaron [Lewis], but he did say that despite it all, whether or not you come back to STAIND is entirely up to you.

Jon Wysocki: I did see that, and that was nice, and I will never say never. But as you know, when I commit to any project, I don’t half-ass it. So my attention at present is firmly focused on my role as the newest member of the band SOIL.

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