EXES FOR EYES: ‘Feel Again’ Video Released

“Feel Again”, the new video from EXES FOR EYES — the new project featuring vocalist “Big” James Arsenian from ENDAST and Dave Sheldon, former bassist of ANNIHILATOR and MAN WITH TARGET — can be seen below. The song comes off the band’s debut album, “The Amsler Grid”, which came out last year via Year Of The Sun Records.

EXES FOR EYES is a project born out of an overwhelming amount of mutual respect and admiration between two men. A respect for one another’s work ethic, musical proficiency, stylistic taste and, of course, for each other as people. With the musical vision of Dave Sheldon and the lyrical conception of vocalist and frontman “Big” James, the project is very quickly taking shape into something more than either anticipated.

“We’ve been eager to have the album released for some time now, so to finally have it see the light of day is exciting,” commented Arsenian. “Having worked with many of the current and former bands on the Year Of The Sun roster, I can say that they all speak highly of the team at the label. After having had several conversations with label founder/president Chris Benner, it quickly became clear that we are all on the same page and wanted the same thing for this album.”

Benner echoed the sentiment. “When we originally started talking to Big James and Dave about EXES FOR EYES, we were already fans of the other projects that they’ve been involved with,” he says. “However, it took some conversations to really understand what this project was about and it was really cool to hear the passion that these guys had regarding it. It’s a different band with this really groove-driven sound and the guys had a solid enthusiasm about the songs and working with Year Of The Sun to get this record out there. I really admired that and it’s what made EXES a perfect fit for our new roster.”

Added Sheldon: “This is an album that really encompasses all of our influences. It’s got fast, thrashy elements, and it’s got some really epic emotive elements as well. I can honestly say we have poured a lot of passion into this and with the culmination of our combined experience, conditioning, and know-how, it has translated into a solid record. We aren’t re-inventing the wheel with ‘The Amsler Grid’, but we’re going to run you over with it.”