Ex-FREHLEY’S COMET Member TOD HOWARTH To Release ‘Slammin’ Rock Tune’

Former FREHLEY’S COMET vocalist, keyboardist and guitarist Tod Howarth is preparing to release a brand new song and video, “Cold Beach”. He writes on his Facebook page, “I’ve gotta say this (I’ve said it before and I will state it again). Ever since I wrote and recorded ‘It’s Over Now’ in 1988 for FREHLEY’S COMET (originally written at Rick Nielsen‘s Rockford Ill condo for CHEAP TRICK to record in 1986), some music fans have thought of me as being too ‘light.’ I’ve been asked about this countless times by fans and interviewers (not their fault) and it never ceases to amaze me. I guess they don’t listen to my other music. I used to be VERY dark but I can write very ‘easy’ songs, or any type really as I am a songwriter, melody man first and foremost. I can play leads, but don’t care, as it’s all about the melody and transitions… Anyhow before I ramble on here (evidently again), this new song ‘Cold Beach’ is another slammin’ rock tune which is more me than any other impression… so I hope that you’ll all enjoy!”

Howarth released a solo album, “Opposite Gods”, in April 2010 via his official web site.

FREHLEY’S COMET recorded three albums, produced four videos before the lineup dissolved and Ace Frehley moved on to his solo effort. Tod continued writing and pursuing a solo record deal and received one from Gene Simmons in 1990. However this was short-lived because of the refreshing sounds of “grunge.” Tod liked this new sound but also knew it was to change the face of music, and the direction of his career. After rejoining CHEAP TRICK in 1990, he helped support the continuing “Lap of Luxury” tour with the hit “The Flame”. Tod played with CHEAP TRICK consistently until 1997 whereupon he went back at work on solo material. Since 2000 he has played with CHEAP TRICK in special live and TV shows and handled the keys, and backing vocals on the “Silver” DVD. In 2008 he traveled to Japan with CHEAP TRICK to once again handle the keys and vocals for the band’s 30th-year anniversary concert, “Live at Budokan”.


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