EXTOL Documentary In The Works

Animidas Productions is making a feature-length documentary about the Norwegian metal band EXTOL. Directed by Åsmund Janøy, the film will focus on the history of the band (1993 – present), and will reveal, among other things, the reason the band suddenly, and without any explanation, disappeared in 2007. In addition, it will document the making of EXTOL‘s fifth album, which the group is currently recording after five years of silence. The film will also delve into EXTOL‘s Christian faith in a genre more known for anti-religious and morbid ideas.

Teasers for the film can be seen below.

For more information about the documentary, go to www.extolfilm.com.

EXTOL mastermind Ole Børud has returned, and along with David Husvik and Peter Espevoll, the trio now constitutes the band’s 2012 lineup.





Photo by Kenneth Røstad Ekse Jensen