EYEHATEGOD: Video Interview Posted Online

Hectic Case conducted an interview with New Orleans sludge miscreants EYEHATEGOD before the band’s June 28, 2011 concert in Brussels, Belgium. You can now watch the chat below.

EYEHATEGOD released an official live DVD on March 22 via MVD. Simply titled “Live”, the 88-minute production features multi-camera footage from 2009 (Baltimore, Maryland) and 2010 (Cleveland, Ohio), with bonus clips from the last show of their 2010 European tour and videos never before released on DVD.

Said bassist Gary Mader: “Finally, after years of OK bootlegs and a self-released DVD from the Tokyo show in 2002, an official release documenting the blood, sweat, beer and broken glass that fans have come to expect/accept from an EYEHATEGOD show!”

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Eyehategod Interview door HecticCase