FACESHIFT Recording Sophomore Album

Stockholm, Sweden-based metal outfit FACESHIFT is recording its second album for a tentative 2013 release via an as-yet-undetermined record label.

A couple of tracks that will appear on the new CD were mixed by Lars Chriss (LION’S SHARE) and they “showcase the band’s crushing blend of massive riffs, earthquake drums and powerful, melodic vocals,” according to a press release.

FACESHIFT‘s rhythm guitarist and bass player are both death metal musicians (ETERNAL OATH and GODPHOBIA), the drummer plays in one of Sweden’s top prog metal bands (SEVENTH WONDER), the vocalist brings a melodic/power element to the table while the lead guitarist adds a really bluesy touch to the mix. “Combining all those influences could have proven a huge challenge, but in fact, once we started writing these new songs, everything fell right into place from the get-go,” explains drummer Stefan Norgren. “The result is a handful of damn heavy, riff-driven tracks, with BIG choruses and tons of cool vocal harmonies. I’d say FACESHIFT will be well received by fans of such diverse bands as PANTERA, MUSTASCH, ALICE IN CHAINS, SYMPHONY X and DIO alike.”

Labels interested in releasing the new FACESHIFT album can contact the band via Facebook.




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