Reactivated influential ’90s alt-metal act FAITH NO MORE will perform on the final day of this year’s edition of the SWU Music and Arts Festival, set to take place November 12-14, 2011 in Paulínia, São Paulo, Brazil.

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FAITH NO MORE played the final show of its reunion tour last December at Estadio Bicentenario de La Florida in Santiago.

In an October 2010 interview with Consequence Of Sound, Gould spoke about the possibility of the influential ’90s alt-metal act playing more shows after the Santiago concert. “I personally can’t see us not doing any more shows again, I just don’t see it,” he said. “There’s no point in not to do it. Why quit now? I think it’s just this tour… We did this tour and that’s what we decided to do. And we did it. We accomplished this goal, it worked out for all of us, and then we look at each other and say, ‘Hey what do you want to do now?’ And I think that’s how it’s got to be.”

Regarding how the reunion tour had gone up until that point, Gould said, “I was probably the guy who dragged his feet the most in doing this, and I’ve got to say it exceeded my expectations 100 percent. It was much better than my best-case scenario, and my worst case didn’t even come into play.”

FAITH NO MORE made a comeback in June 2009 with a headlining performance at the Brixton Academy in London, England and played sporadic shows for the next 18 months.