FAITH NO MORE Singer: No Plans For New Studio Album

Singer Mike Patton of the reactivated influential alt-metal act FAITH NO MORE recently told Australia’s that he and his bandmates have no plans to work on new material anytime in the near future. “We’re pretty happy with just touring,” he said. “There was talk, ‘Should we write new stuff?’ and we all looked at each other and said ‘Nahhh, fuck it.’ We did work up one new little thing [a song with the working title ‘Matador’, performance footage of which can be seen below] and that was really energizing.”

Patton previously told about the prospect of recording new music with FAITH NO MORE, “Reunions can be done very distastefully I think, and we were all very worried about that. But I think we were all very surprised with how good it felt. It’s a tired old script: band splits up, gets hard up for cash, goes on tour and records a shitty record. We don’t want to be part of that kind of history.”

FAITH NO MORE made a comeback in June 2009 with a headlining performance at the Brixton Academy in London, England and has played sporadic shows for the past three years.

FAITH NO MORE‘s last LP, “Album Of The Year”, came out in 1997.



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