FALCONER – ‘Vid Rosornas Grav’ Video Available

Metal Hammer Germany has premiered FALCONER’s new video, for the Armod album track, ‘Vid Rosornas Grav’. Check out the clip below:


Falconer guitarist Stefan Weinerhall recently released the following update online:

“So, now the new album Armod is released worldwide. In a few days you will also find the music video for the track ‘Vid Rosornas Grav’ in the English version, ‘By The Roses´ Grave’, on Youtube. Let’s see how the fans react to an album entirely in the worldwide spread language Swedish. For us it feels good to finally have focused on out native heritage in music although it could have been even more focused but of course we have to have the familiar Falconer stuff stuffed in here and there. To promote this album in the true Falconer style we will take a year off to do other things.”


Falconer - Armod

Falconer – Armod

Armod was released on June 7th via Metal Blade Records in North America. The tracklist is as follows:

‘Svarta Änkan’

‘Dimmornas Drottning’


‘O, Tysta Ensamhet’

‘Vid Rosornas Grav’


‘Herr Peder Och Hans Syster’


‘Grimasch Om Morgonen’

‘Fru Silfver’

‘Gammal Fäbodpsalm’

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