FALCONER launch second single off their seventh album ‘Armod’

Falconer - Armod

Falconer – Armod

Swedish folk metallers FALCONER launch second single off their seventh album ‘Armod’ exclusively via German Metal Hammer!

Swedish folk metallers FALCONER have launched their second single ‘O, tysta ensamhet’ taken off their brand new studio album Armod via German Metal Hammer.


Please surf over to METAL HAMMER to check out ‘O, tysta ensamhet’!


FALCONER will release their seventh studio album Armod on June 7th via Metal Blade Records in North America!


Comments FALCONER guitarist Stefan Weinerhall: “The album is embracing the Swedish folk music to a greater extent than before making it sound slightly more down to earth. The music spans from acoustic songs with cello, flute and fiddle to songs with blast beats and really heavy riffing. As said before this is a ‘one-time-only’ album and does not define the future sound of FALCONER, but it was about time to pay full notice to the influence that has always made us different. Now we have that out of our system!”


Armod was once again recorded at King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque’s Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden, during December and January.


Armod track listing:

1. Svarta Änkan

2. Dimmornas Drottning

3. Griftefrid

4. O, Tysta Ensamhet

5. Vid Rosornas Grav

6. Grimborg

7. Herr Peder Och Hans Syster

8. Eklundapolskan

9. Grimasch Om Morgonen

10. Fru Silfver

11. Gammal Fäbodpsalm



Mathias Bladh – Vocals

Stefan Weinerhall – Guitars

Jimmy Hedlund – Guitars

Magnus Linhardt – Bass

Karsten Larsson – Drums