FASTWAY’s Debut Album Remembered In New App And eBook

A new one-dollar app and eBook tell the story of the making of FASTWAY‘s 1983 self-titled debut album.

FASTWAY launched a scorching, shimmery patch of proto-classic rock in the form of a self-titled debut that was a big wide smile on what was otherwise a serious new metal landscape.

Author Martin Popoff explains: “FASTWAY‘s self-titled first is just a shockingly good stadium-rock record with just enough raw to keep it one foot in the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. This is the story of its making and the birth of the band, as told by lead singer Dave King, drummer Jerry Shirley and a l’il Pete ‘Way’ Way and Biff Byford thrown in for spice.

“I had a particular fondness toward writing this one up, as one of the coolest earliest big city (well, b-city, Spokane), concerts I ever saw was FASTWAY backing SAXON backing the mighty MAIDEN, right at the latter’s creative apex.

“Plus meeting Dave King, transformed into a sort of Pogue and touring his successful and highly creditable FLOGGING MOLLY band… well, he’s probably the only autographs on my FASTWAY collection I’ll ever see.

“Icing on the cake for this short (but cheap at a buck!) smile back a while… some sweet Rich Galbraith live photos and all manner of memorabilia shot, helping bring the story to life, at least, one hopes, lively enough to make you scurry away and re-play this fine and fiery record.”

Ye Olde Metal: Fastway’s Fastway is available as a 19-page eBook in high-resolution PDF format from and as an app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in the iTunes App store.

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