DARK DAY SUNDAY, the old-school thrash band featuring FATES WARNING guitarist Frank Aresti and SHADOWS FALL drummer Jason Bittner, has released the first four songs from its forthcoming debut album. You can now check out the tracks “Halfway To Gods”, “Conversation With The Dead”, “Halo Of Decay” and “One Bullet Away”below.

Inspired by Bay Area thrash bands like METALLICA, EXODUS, and MEGADETH, DARK DAY SUNDAY brings together old and new elements to create a brand new sound. The result: pure, raw energy.

DARK DAY SUNDAY is composed of four guys with a common love for headbanging fury, wailing guitar solos, melodic vocals that simply won’t quit, and a rhythm section so in tune with one another you’d swear they were born of the same insanity.

Frank Aresti started his career with seminal prog-metal band FATES WARNING. As inspiration to many later bands, from DREAM THEATER to SLIPKNOT, Frank‘s guitar playing helped propel the band to commercial success and critical acclaim.

“I love playing with FATES,” comments Frank, “but DARK DAY SUNDAY has a special place in my heart. I grew up listening to late ’70s British punk and hardcore, then to early American thrash. I absolutely love this music.”

In the drummer’s seat is one of the most highly regarded metal drummers today, Jason Bittner of SHADOWS FALL. A Berklee College Of Music alum, “Jason brings a great energy to this band,” says Aresti. “He lends an aggressive approach, pushing the beat while completely locking up with the rhythm section. It’s a powerful feeling when you hear us live.”

Rounding out the rhythm section on bass is Ed Lanouette. Ed earned his bachelor’s degree at Berklee College Of Music and graduated with a master’s degree in jazz performance from the Boston Conservatory. He cites his main influences as Jaco Pastorius and BLACK SABBATH‘s Geezer Butler.

Soaring above the ferocious riffs and pounding rhythm section is vocalist Marc Lopes. Marc cites his main influence as Bruce Dickinson of IRON MAIDEN. “Bruce has the ability to be melodic and aggressive at the same time,” says Marc. “I love that, and that’s what I go for in my singing.”

When asked about the future of DARK DAY SUNDAY, Frank replies, “I want to take this band on the road, across the world. I want to continue making and recording music as long as we can. And judging how all four of us love doing this, that’s going to be a long time.”


Marc Lopes – Vocals
Frank Aresti (FATES WARNING) – Guitar
Ed Lanouette – Bass
Jason Bittner (SHADOWS FALL) – Drums


Halfway to Gods by Dark Day Sunday


Conversation with the Dead by Dark Day Sunday


Halo of Decay by Dark Day Sunday


One Bullet Away by Dark Day Sunday


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