‘First Black Metal Videogame’ Released For iPhone

SinSquid, a one-man independent game company based in Trondheim, Norway, released Black Metal Man, “the first black metal videogame,” earlier this week for the iPhone.

The game’s creator, Knut Erik Overjord, states: “I got this idea, and discovered there are a lack of games for metal fans on the app store. So I rigged up my guitar and bass, made some brutal music, and made a game with a black metal dude that has to escape from the light. Endless runners are nothing new, but I think the consept and the stressful music makes this unique and absurd.”

“Maybe the most stressful, dark and intense game on the app store,” Black Metal Man features “brutal metal music, exhausting gameplay, awesome power-ups and dark graphics.”

Game description: “You follow the story of a man fleeing from the light and his fight to reach the depths of hell. Be brave as you run, jump, rides a motorcycle, rides the lightning and much more. This is no ordinary man we’re talking about… it’s the Black Metal Man.”


* Simple one-touch controls
* Six difficult levels
* Game Center leaderboards
* Retina support
* Virtual headbanging

A video trailer is available below.

To purchase Black Metal Man, go to this location.







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