FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Featured On ‘Walmart Soundcheck’


FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH is featured in the latest installment of “Walmart Soundcheck”, an online series launched by discount retailer Walmart. Go behind the scenes as the Las Vegas metallers give the lowdown on connecting with their fans, working with Rob Halford of JUDAS PRIEST, the current state of heavy metal music, and recording their biggest album to date, the two-part “The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell”. Check it out at

On their new stage show:

Ivan Moody (vocals): “Well, we wanted to go bigger and better. Our fans have seen so much from us at this point so we wanted to give them excess. We wanted to bring a bigger production to the people who have already seen us in the past and kind of give them a new element and a twist on what we do live anyway. So, the energy is always there, but we think they deserve something special this time, so they’re in for a treat.”

On making a two-part album:

Jeremy Spencer (drums): “We got into a really good flow and it really just started coming out. And we’re like, ‘We can’t stop, let’s just keep going.’ Then you get 24 songs and we’re, like, ‘Well, we’ve gotta put out two records,’ because we didn’t want to lose any of them.”

On the fans:

Moody: “We stay in contact with our fan base, I’d say, more than just about any band out there. it’s something that’s always kept us in the position we’re in, and I think it shows through. Once again, it’s being a band of the people. It’s not standing above them, it’s standing beside them.”

A preview clip can be seen below.

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