FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Guitarist Is ‘Fascinated’ By METALLICA’s Decision To Release ‘Lulu’

Greece’s Rockpages recently conducted an interview with guitarist Jason Hook of Las Vegas metallers FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

Rockpages: Metal bands that attract what we call “mainstream” are often doomed by hardcore metal fans.

Hook: To have a broad audience is a good thing. I love metal but I also like to sing along to songs. If you look at METALLICA, they aren’t that heavy relative to what’s out there these days… James [Hetfield, METALLICA frontman] is pretty much singing all the way through the songs and they’re catchy songs. The “black” album was mainstream and probably turned off some of their hardcore fans but it sold 20 million copies and changed the future of that band forever.

Rockpages: Talking about METALLICA who recently collaborated with Lou Reed, I’d like to ask you what you thought about that. It was something that caused various reactions. Some liked it, others hated it. What about you, what do you think of “Lulu”?

Hook: I played it for the [other] guys [in the band] and we were all speechless. I’m fascinated with [METALLICA‘s] decision to release something like that. Brave, to say the least.

Read the entire interview from Rockpages.