FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Guitarist Training Backstage During ‘Trespass America’ Tour (Video)

Video footage of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH guitarist Zoltan Bathory — a jiu-jitsu / judo practitioner who competes as a member of Royler Gracie‘s Gracie Humaitá team — training backstage while his band is out on the road as part of the Trespass America tour can be seen below.

Bathory, who has spent time training with UFC fighter Kyle Watson and who regularly trains out on tour, told ESPN Sports last year that fighting is not all that different from being on stage with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. “You know what, I’m just so into [it],” he said. “When I fight, it’s almost like a chess game for me. People have a certain kind of anxiety maybe, or they have a certain kind of nervousness before they fight. I don’t get that. I love competitions. I love to go to jiu-jitsu tournaments because I have this euphoric state. Somehow my mind clears and there is a flow. It’s actually very similar to being onstage.”

Trespass America kicked off on July 13 in Broomfield, Colorado and is scheduled to hit more than 30 cities before winding down on August 28 in Los Angeles. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, POP EVIL, TRIVIUM, GOD FORBID, EMMURE and BATTLECROSS round out the lineup of the metal-centric package.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH is touring behind its third album, “American Capitalist”, which came out last fall and looks likely to be the Las Vegas-based act’s third consecutive gold album.



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