FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH ‘Not Ashamed’ Of New Album Title

The Pulse Of Radio reports: With one controversial album title behind them in 2009’s “War Is The Answer”, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH has chosen another provocative name for the band’s third set, “American Capitalist”. With debates raging in the country right now about the economy and wealth and Wall Street, guitarist Jason Hook told The Pulse Of Radio why it was the right title for FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. “You know, it’s kind of wearing it on our sleeves how we feel about just the competition and struggles in life and business in general,” he said. “You know, it’s kind of like dog eat dog, it’s the survival of the fittest, and we’re sort of putting it out there as a positive thing. It’s like, we are American capitalists, we will divide and conquer, we will — we’re going for the throat and we’re not ashamed to say that.”

“American Capitalist” arrives on October 10. The set’s first single, “Under And Over It”, was just released this past Tuesday (August 2).

Following some festival dates this month and next, the band will headline a package tour called “Share The Welt” that kicks off on October 16 in San Francisco. Joining FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH in the lineup will be ALL THAT REMAINS, HATEBREED and REV THEORY.

“War Is The Answer” debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard album chart, while the single “Far From Home” reached No. 2 on the rock radio chart and the band’s cover of “Bad Company” hit No. 1.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH played its first show with new bassist Chris Kael on July 1 at Boonstock in Gibbons, Alberta, Canada. Check out photos of the concert at this location.

Kael replaced Matt Snell, who left the group late last year for reasons that have not been disclosed. Originally from Kentucky, Kael moved to FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH‘s home base of Las Vegas to pursue playing music full-time. He said in a statement about landing the job, “Never give up on your dreams — I’m living proof that with hard work and a little bit of luck, they can come true.”