FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE: New Video Interview Posted Online

Asif Salam of SoundShock.com conducted an interview with Cristiano Trionfera (guitar, vocals), Paolo Rossi (bass, clean vocals), Francesco Ferrini (piano) of Italian brutal/symphonic horde FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE on January 12 at the Underworld in London, England. You can now watch the chat below.

FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE‘s second full-length album, “Agony”, was released last August via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD’s intricate cover design was handled by Marco Hasmann, who previously worked with the band on the “Mafia” and “Oracles” releases.

“Agony” track listing:

01. Temptation
02. The Hypocrisy
03. The Imposition
04. The Deceit
05. The Violation
06. The Egoism
07. The Betrayal
08. The Forsaking
09. The Oppression
10. Agony
11. Heartwork (CARCASS cover; iTunes exclusive bonus track)

Commented the group: “The album cover is about the eternal struggle of mankind; we’re condemned to live facing our evil side, which dwells in every one of us. We are like tied to the ground, forced in chains that can’t be broken, so the man in the cover is representing all humanity and its eternal agony, knowing that it’s almost impossible to liberate ourselves from the obscurity of our nature. Unless we decide to admit to ourselves who we are and face our doom, that would be the only way to free our kind and rise to an higher conscience, someday.”


Tommaso Riccardi – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Paolo Rossi – Vocals, Bass
Cristiano Trionfera – Vocals, Guitars
Francesco Paoli – Drums, Guitars and Vocals
Francesco Ferrini – Piano, Orchestra



“The Violation” video: