FLOOR JANSEN Is ‘Super-Excited’ To Join NIGHTWISH On Rest Of Tour And Next Summer’s Festivals


Dutch singer Floor Jansen (REVAMP, ex-AFTER FOREVER) made her live debut as the frontwoman of NIGHTWISH on October 1 at Showbox Sodo in Seattle, Washington.

Jansen is handling lead-vocal duties on NIGHTWISH‘s current North American tour after the group parted ways with Anette Olzon at the end of September.

In a new blog post on her official web site at FloorJansen.com, Floor writes, “Hello to you from our nightliner! We are driving to our show in Fort Lauderdale. If I look outside, I see nothing but beautiful green water lands. I tried to spot an alligator…did see some deer and the most amazing birds!

“Last time I wrote was in Oklahoma City. Days fly by so fast, I cannot believe we are about to do the last two shows of this USA tour already!

“In a weird way, the show on Tuesday seems ages ago, and yesterday at the same time. Coming here feels the same. Time is like the Dali clocks, liquid, relentless. But memories are timeless, and fortunately, I have beautiful ones to share with you. I just wish words could describe them better!

“How can I tell you how amazing the show in Oklahoma was? Or in Austin? Or in New Orleans? There is something special about every show. A unique night, a magical ride that always ends too soon! And with a unique audience. Hundreds of wonderful people at the meet-and-greets every day. Thousands of sweating and rocking bodies; getting just as high on the music as we do.

“We played ‘Ghost Love Score’ twice now [see video below]. My favorite song! Goosebumps on my entire body every time I sing, ‘My fall will be for you.’ Tears came to my eyes the second time we played it. First time I was thinking a bit more. Second time I only had to feel. Again, words are failing on me to describe the real emotion I had. But I have hope that the people who were that in New Orleans that night felt it too.

“Back in Austin we went shopping at Congress Avenue. A street full of antique shops and other rare and funny stores. Lovely to be in places that sell stuff you cannot find anywhere else. We had a good time!

“The next morning we were in New Orleans. Tuomas [Holopainen, keyboards], Troy [Donockley, multi-instrumentalist] and I had breakfast in a sushi restaurant, with a nice Japanese beer…a great start of a great day!

We took a stroll through the city afterwards. A unique atmosphere is there in those streets. Beautiful neo colonial houses, bars and restaurants everywhere, the Mississippi, the huge necklaces you that have a ritual of its own, the cigars. I bought one. I never smoke but an occasional (mild) cigar is something I can enjoy. If you’re interested, they are part of the inventory on https://www.cigaremperor.com/

“After a super show, we left the venue and headed into town. We went to a famous bar that sells absinthe… I tried it and it turned out so much nicer than I expected. The cigar and the drink together made me look like a femme fatale haha. We had the most amazing night off together. Really special!!!

“For now, we have the two last shows coming up. I will miss this!!! But I also look forward to come home!

“I will go back to REVAMP songwriting because we have a planning to hold on to, album will come in March/April next year!!!!!!

“On the 4th of November, the NIGHTWISH shows continue in the U.K.. I am super exited to join them on the rest of the world tour and the summer festivals in 2013!!!”

Olzon joined NIGHTWISH in 2007 as the replacement for Tarja Turunen after the latter was fired in 2005.