FORBIDDEN Guitarist: ‘We The People? We F**ked Up!’

A day after he posted a lengthy message on his Facebook page in response to the uproar over MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine‘s suggestion that recent mass shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin were “staged” by President Obama, FORBIDDEN guitarist Craig Locicero has penned a follow-up piece to “set the record straight” with regards to the kind of person he is and to clarify some of the points in his original post. It follows here in its entirety.

“What an interesting 24 hours it’s been. I’ve been thrown under more buses then Evel Knievel had jumped in his entire lifetime. All of this is very interesting, the human reaction to what scares us.

“First things first, I never intended for one of my posts to be picked up by Blabbermouth. It wasn’t expected. I didn’t realize my profile was being trolled for these things, so this was no publicity stunt! That being said, I’m OK with it, because I stand by my words.

“I guess I deserve some of the backlash just for using Dave Mustaine as my point of reference.

“Sorry, Dave, I don’t know you personally, but we have plenty of mutual friends and peers. However, just like I did here, you put yourself out there… a lot. I do think you are closer to truth then people want to [accept], but I also think your delivery was even worse then mine. Just my opinion.

“I’m not going to use this post to jump directly back into the subject at hand, the Aurara shootings. Which, by the way, is an awful tragedy and I hurt as much as anyone not directly related to the victims. But I will save the details that lead me to my hypothesis for next time. This post is just to set the record straight as to what kind of person I am, because from what I’m hearing A LOT of people got it all wrong.

“Now, if I’m ever taken away or publicly smeared just for my words, please keep in mind these things and don’t believe anything else you hear…

“I’m non-violent, not crazy, not depressed, not in danger to myself or anyone else.

I don’t own or even want any guns. In fact, I hate guns, so don’t get me confused with Ted Nugent.

“I’m not in a popular band, so I’m not rich. I’m in the middle class with a wife and son I love more then anything else on the planet. What I say and do is for my son and his children. That takes me out of the tax-bracket angle.

“I was born into a lifetime Democrat family that looks like Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition. I even voted for Obama in the last election… begrudgingly.

“I do NOT support either candidate for the next election and I think Ron Paul is a tool. Sorry. I also don’t think Nader is the Cat’s Meow. I’m simply disillusioned American citizen who sees through the facade.

“I, like tens of millions of others, would like to see our system fixed. Because it is obviously VERY broken!

“The idea that there is only Republicans and Democrats, right-wingers and left-wingers is INSANE and shame on us for buying into it. Shame on those who walk through the game sleeping. Shame on everyone for being content with the flawed system that’s let the corporations and the churches run our politicians. Shame on those who think that just because they have a smart phone and live in a house with a TV and computer that they are free. There just isn’t enough shame to go around.

“We the people? We fucked up!

“The way some of us deal with it is by openly calling it out for a discussion. That’s who I am and how I’m wired and I’m not afraid to do it. What would be impressive if more people did that instead of just mailing it in and being defeated.

“So, in closing, the only reason the Aurora shootings have become a catalyst here is because the road it leads this country down. It’s a twisted road with even more dissension and division in our near future. Even if [James] Holmes [the alleged shooter in Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre] isn’t a patsy, which I still believe he is, he’s being used as leverage against the citizens. One just needs to see who gains and who loses from such a tragedy with clearer vision.”


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