Veteran San Francisco Bay Area guitarist Craig Locicero (pictured below; FORBIDDEN, MANMADE GOD, SPIRALARMS) has posted the following message on his Facebook page regarding the passing of SLAYER guitarist Jeff Hanneman:

“I haven’t said very much publicly about the passing of Jeff Hanneman, because I really didn’t ever know him very well. The one conversation we did have was basically a question he asked me when Paul Bostaph [former FORBIDDEN drummer] and all of the SLAYER guys came to a show FORBIDDEN did in Hollywood and I met them for the first time since Paul had joined [SLAYER]. Jeff was introduced to me and looked me in the eye and said, ‘Good guy or bad guy?’ I knew what he meant. He was referring to how I took Paul joining SLAYER back in ’91. I didn’t take it well at all. I was young, naive and hurt. I answered point blank, ‘Bad guy.’

FORBIDDEN was going to sign a record deal with RCA when Paul got the offer. Of course he said yes; who wouldn’t have? Because of that, and a combination of music changing its landscape to the grunge era, the deal fell through. So, yes, I was the bad guy and deserved that little quip from Jeff.

“I look back on those days and wonder who I was back then. I should have been as happy for Paul as I am these days. These days, we are so much of better friends than we ever where before. Playing with SLAYER would have been a dream come true for this thrash kid. Hell, I was the first person to play SLAYER to Paul. So, yes, I was jealous! To play with one of the greatest riff artists in metal who was one of my guitar heroes , Jeff Hanneman… Wow! It was beyond my comprehension back then.

“Anyhow, fast forward two decades and all of the history since… When I look at the pictures from the [Jeff Hanneman] memorial [in Hollywood], I got a little choked up. Many people I worked with in attendance. People I love, respect… acquaintances, business partners, great friends, brothers and sisters that all loved Jeff immensely. Seeing Dino Paredes from American [SLAYER‘s record label to which MANMADE GOD was briefly signed to], I remember him telling me how much he loved Jeff and cared about his health over 12 years ago. I have not seen him since MANMADE GOD called it a day in 2004. Rick Sales and Kristen Mulderig from RSM [SLAYER‘s management company]. They were all a part of my life and it was hard looking at those shots without having all of the emotions coming back.

“Anyhow, as apparently shy as Jeff was… his riffs and music transcended far beyond anybody’s words can describe. He helped forge a culture. Whether he realized it or not, he influenced this kid and I am more proud then ever to know that my brothers, Paul Bostaph and Gary Holt, have had different parts in the history of SLAYER.

“Looks like Jeff had a proper tribute and send-off.

“R.I.P. Jeff.”


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